When a water heater is functioning well, you'll appreciate it more by having regular access to hot water. When it starts giving you trouble, you'll find yourself unable to do a lot of key activities. These are a couple of signs showing that your water heater is in trouble and thus should be looked at by a water heater repair expert. 

Damaged Plastic Safety Guard

Every water heater should have a plastic safety guard that covers the system's electrical components and terminals in the front. If you notice that this guard is damaged or just not staying in place, that's an important problem to have a water heater repair contractor look at.

They can see if this guard can be placed back in position to where it stays put for you and your family's safety. If it can't, they can swap out the damaged safety guard with a new one. They'll usually know what model and size to get, too, for a proper fit.

Boiling Water Inside the Tank

The water inside the tank will heat up, but it should never do so to the point of boiling. If this is happening, you probably have sediment building up at the bottom. You don't want to leave this issue alone because it could break down your entire water heater system quickly.

You can hire a water heater repair contractor to examine the possibility of sediment buildup. They have thorough and quick inspection tests that will confirm or deny sediment. If it's present, you can let the contractor perform safe extraction methods so that you don't put yourself at risk.

Abnormal Noises You're Not Used to

If you begin to hear strange noises coming from the water heater tank or components that correspond with it, then you probably should stop using the water heater, just in case there is a potential problem you need to have repaired.

You can turn the water heater off and then have a repair contractor take a look around to see where the noise is coming from and what could be causing it. A professional approach can save you time and ensure the right problem is properly identified.

If you are very careful about monitoring the performance and condition of your water heater, you'll know quickly when problems happen. Then it will be just a matter of hiring a water heater repair contractor to give you assistance. You should always do this for severe problems or problems you're not too sure about.