If you have a clog in your shower or bathtub, hair is most likely the problem. Hair clogs are among the most common causes of clogs in a home's plumbing. Hair builds up and combines with other contaminants in the drains to stop up the pipes and cause blockages. If you think you have a hair clog in your pipes, the following tips may be helpful:

Plunge the Clog

The first thing most people try when removing a clog is a plunger. You can attempt to use a plunger to dislodge the hair clog and send it to the main sewer line.

Use a Snake

If you can see the hair or if the hair is close to the top of the drain, you can use a small snake to pull the hair out. If the hair is really close to the surface, a pair of pliers will work. A small pipe snake can be purchased at the hardware store for just a few dollars. Send it down the pipe and turn the handle to help grasp the hair. Once you think you have the clog, gently pull the snake out of the drain. If you do not see the hair or if you only have part of the clog, you can continue the process until you get most of the hair out.

If you can, shine a flashlight into the drain. If you can still see hair or a clog and you cannot reach it, you may need to take additional steps to remove the clog. You also might want to consider hiring a plumber to remove the clog if it seems to be out of your reach.

Remove Part of the Drain

If the clog is really bad and you feel confident enough, you can remove part of the drain to get the hair clog. This is more common for sinks than showers or tubs as sinks can be easier to access. Under a sink, you will see a curved pipe. You can unscrew this piece of the pipe to clean it. The shape of the pipe is sometimes conducive to collecting debris, hair included. You should only remove part of your home's plumbing if you know what you are doing. You can end up doing major damage and render your sink unusable if you aren't careful. Then you will have to wait until a plumber can repair it.

If you are not comfortable doing anything yourself to remove a clog, do not hesitate to call a plumber. A plumber has special equipment to clear clogged drains.