A well functioning water heater system can be essential to your ability to run your business. Consequently, you will want to do everything possible to catch and resolve issues with this system before you actually experience a total system failure. Thankfully, there are some common warning signs that can help you know when your commercial water heater is in need of repair. Learn more about three of these warning signs below.

Warning Sign #1: You Experience a Drop in Your Hot Water Pressure

The most common reason for water pressure in your hot water line to drop is the presence of sediment that has built up inside your hot water tank. If this buildup is partially blocking the pipe leading out of your hot water tank, the amount of hot water that can be delivered at once will drop resulting in less water pressure. The more clogged your pipes become, the less water pressure you can expect. Reaching out to a commercial water heater repair service will allow you to have this sediment flushed out of your system and therefore restore proper water pressure levels.

Warning Sign #2: You Begin Running Out of Hot Water Sooner

Your water heater system is designed to be able to supply you with a precise amount of hot water before your supply runs out and you will need to wait for additional water to reach the desired temperature. If you notice that you are running out of hot water faster than you typically do, this will often mean that a large amount of settlement has built up in the bottom of your storage tank therefore limiting its capacity. In order to eliminate this issue you will need to have your water heater flushed by a professional. Completing this task as soon as possible can help you to avoid some of the other issues that are also associated with this type of buildup such as the issue described above.

Warning Sign #3: Your Hot Water Is Not a Reliable Temperature

A commercial water heater that is functioning properly will produce reliable results when it comes to the temperature of the hot water it delivers. If you notice that the temperature of your hot water fluctuates, this can be a sign of a problem with either your heater core or with sediment buildup. Both of these issues will continue to get worse until you have your water heater professionally repaired. Therefore, it is best to complete the necessary repairs as soon as possible if you wish to avoid a more costly water heater replacement instead of a simple repair.

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