Do you plan to have guests at your home during the holiday season? Perhaps you are planning to entertain them in your home and have dinner with them. You might also be preparing for overnight or extended stay guests. While you are making plans, do not skip over ensuring that the holiday experience does not get ruined by something like a plumbing situation. There are proactive steps that you can take to get your home's plumbing system in good condition. Even if your home does not have any plumbing issues, your guests could unknowingly create some. The following points represent things that might exist and things that could cause issues over the holidays.

Consider Turning Off Your Garbage Disposal

During the holidays, using your garbage disposal might seem like a great idea for easier meal prep. Unfortunately, some individuals may not know what should and should not go in a garbage disposal. If you do not use your unit often, you might need to refresh your memory to ensure that you do not put things in the unit that could cause it to malfunction. This information should be in the owner's manual. You can also find information online or ask a plumber about things that can damage garbage disposals. Key things to be mindful of are corn husks, fats, oils, large bones, nutshells, eggshells, coffee grounds, and trash. Never let guests use your garbage disposal due to the risk of them making a mistake and causing damage.

Plan Clog Prevention Strategies

There are a number of items and substances that can cause drain clogs. Flushing paper towels is one issue that can cause a drain clog. Provide single-ply paper tissue for guests to use to reduce the chances of a toilet paper clog issue. Paper towels of any ply are not designed to be flushed. Ensure that you have a plentiful stock of toilet paper to discourage guests from using and flushing paper towels because of not having easy access to toilet paper. 

Reduce the chances of grease from dishes entering drains by opting for disposable goods.  If you want a formal dinner, scrape and wipe dishes off with paper towels prior to handwashing or loading into your dishwasher. Avoid direct pouring of liquids that contain even small amounts of butter or grease down drains.

Get a Plumbing Services Before and After the Holidays

A plumber can provide services before the holidays to ensure that your home is ready. Get an inspection and approve recommended repairs. Getting a drain cleaning service is a good way to ensure that your drains are free of clogs. When all of the holiday events are over, get another plumbing inspection to ensure that your plumbing system does not have hidden damage or clogs. 

Contact a local plumber to get more tips.