Homes that use water wells as residential water supplies can be great, but if the water stops flowing from the well, you may have a serious problem. Often the first place to start looking is the well pump, and if it has stopped working, getting a well pump repair service to fix or replace it is vital.

Well Pump Problems

If you are suddenly not getting water from your residential water well, determining why the well is not producing is often the first thing you need to do. A well pump service can check the well to ensure there is water in the well for you and check the well pump to determine if it is coming on when it is supposed to. 

If the pump is not coming on and there is water in the well, the pump could be malfunctioning, or the pressure switch in the system may not be sending a signal to the pump. The well repair service will need to troubleshoot the system to try and locate the problem, but they may not start with the pump itself because pulling the pump out of the well is a big job, and the issue may be topside.

The well repair service will verify that the system has electricity supplying it, then they will check the pressure switch on the storage tank to ensure it is sending power to the pump. If all these parts are working, the well pump will have to come out of the well for service, repair, or replacement. 

Pulling The Pump

If the well pump repair service determines the pump needs to come out of the well, they will position a large tripod over the well casing that uses an electric motor to pull the pump up to the top of the well. A well pump set several hundred feet below ground is heavy, and the deeper the well, the harder it will be to retrieve the pump, so this tool is critical. 

Once the well pump has reached the surface, the well repair tech can test the pump to see if it is working correctly. If it is, the problem may be in the wiring that feeds the pump or in the plastic line that the pump pushes the water through. A blockage in the line could stop the flow of water to the home, so everything is checked, and if the wiring or plumbing is causing the issue, the tech will replace them. 

If the pump is not working, the well repair service can replace the pump quickly. The process can be somewhat involved, but each step is essential, and it is the best way to restore water service to your home to determine the problem.