Having a clog in your drain system can lead to problems like awful odors coming from the drain, water backups in the shower, sink, commode, or toilet bubbling. If you try using a plunger or other DIY solutions and fail, you should consider contacting your plumber. The plumbing expert will examine the problem and use the best technique to unblock your drain. 

One of the best solutions they may consider is hydro jetting. This process entails injecting high-pressure water streams into the pipe to clear blockages and clean the pipes. Here are some reasons why plumbers prefer this drain cleaning method. 

Deals with All Forms of Clogs

Most of the traditional ways of unclogging drains usually work well on a few minor clogs. For instance, snaking focuses on removing the blockage but will still leave lots of residue on the pipe walls. Within a short period, the residue will build up, slowing the flow of wastewater and eventually forming another clog. This situation cannot occur when your plumber uses hydro jetting. 

Hydro jetting is powerful and will clear the line completely, removing all buildups and traces of debris that could be lingering around on the pipe sides. This ensures clogs don't occur easily again. 

Hydro jetting is also ideal for dealing with unpleasant odors, tree roots, and bacteria that infiltrate the sewer lines. The procedure allows plumbers to deal with all these sewer line cleaning jobs without resorting to digging or exposing the piping system.

Helps You Save Money

Although the hydro jet pipe cleaning costs may be slightly higher compared to rooter and snaking techniques, you'll save money in the long run. As mentioned above, the procedure will clear the entire pipe, leaving it spotlessly clean and without any damages. This eliminates future drain issues since no residues are left behind. 

So, you won't be calling your plumber to unclog your drain, deal with burst pipes, or other problems that require service calls in the near future. Hydro jetting also takes less time compared to traditional methods. Even if you work with a plumber who offers hourly charges, you will save money.

Conserves the Environment

Some people may think that the amount of water needed for hydro jetting is a lot, so it will be an environmental waste, but that's not true. If you compare this procedure with the other solutions that involve using chemicals and traditional methods to clean drains, you will realize hydro jetting is environmentally friendly. It is even recommended for buildings and homes near lakes, ponds, and rivers since no chemicals or toxic substances are used.

For more information on drain cleaning, contact a professional near you.