A clog in the drain can put your home on standby. You may not be able to use your toilet, sinks, shower, or bathtub if you have a clog in your home, especially if the clog has begun to cause a backup in your house. If you have a clog in any of your drains, you can clear the clog out yourself, or you can hire a professional plumber if you aren't able to get your drain to clear on your own. Read on for ways to clear out a clog yourself.

Plunge It Out

A plunger is essential for your plumbing and you should have at least one in your home. Use the plunger to plunge out the toilet to remove a clog. You can also use the plunger to remove the clog in a sink or bathtub drain as well. When plunging the drain in the toilet, you should be sure there is enough water in the toilet to create suction. Press the plunger over the opening in the toilet drain and press it firmly into place. Once you create suction, you can put pressure on the plunger and press it firmly up and down to remove the clog. Do this for sink clogs as well, although you may not have water in the sink or tub, you can still create suction by placing the plunger over the drain opening and pressing it firmly over the drain opening.

Use Drain Clearing Liquid

Use a drain-clearing liquid to remove a clog in your drains. You just pour the liquid into the drain and it will work its way through the clog and push it out of the drain. A drain-clearing liquid can harm some drain pipes, so be careful when using this type of liquid, as it can eat through some types of drain pipes.

Snake The Drain

You can snake the drain using a plastic snake. The drain-clearing liquid sometimes comes with the snake to snake your drain. Slide the snake into the drain and remove it slowly. Pull out the clog and watch the drain clear out. If you have a clog further out in the drain, the plastic snake may not help, and you may need to use a longer snake. 

If you have a clog in your drain, and you aren't able to clear it out by yourself, you need to hire a professional plumber to help get your drains draining properly again.