An ever-running toilet is not an uncommon phenomenon in many homes. But if not addressed in time, this issue can cause devastating water damage on the surrounding walls and floors. Besides that, the noise is utterly annoying at night when you need pin-drop silence to catch some good sleep. Here are possible reasons why your toilet is constantly running and how a plumber can help you resolve them.

Out-of-Position Float

A float allows water to fill the tank without any overflows. However, if this device isn't at the right height, there will be too much water in the tank, causing your toilet to run. The problem can persist if you ignore it. Unfortunately, fixing a float requires attention to detail, which is why you should call a 24-hour plumber to restore it to the right position. 

Worn Flapper Valve

When your flapper valve wears out, your toilet could run nonstop. Ideally, this component seals fluids in the tank and prevents them from pouring into the bowl. But over time, the flapper becomes old and damaged due to constant usage. Usually, the flapper valve is a rubber disc and it can cause water to overflow in the toilet bowl when damaged. You need an expert plumber to repair or replace it when that happens.

Corroded Toilet Handle

Surprisingly, a rusted flush handle can cause water to run continuously from the toilet. This problem results from the parts getting loose, making it difficult for the toilet to operate as it should. In addition, water flows into the bowl without warning when the handle remains down due to old age and corrosion. 

Refill Tube Mishaps

Also known as an overflow pipe, a refill tube can cause running toilets in your residence. The mishap comes in when the tube isn't correctly positioned or is overly long. As a result, the refill tube pumps water uncontrollably into the bowl. A 24-hour plumber can solve this challenge by shortening the overflow pipe and placing it correctly. That way, water in the tank can be at the proper level and not spill over.

Faulty Sensors

Automated flushing is quickly becoming popular across the country. However, sensors can malfunction due to bad wiring or connections. When the sensors aren't working correctly, your toilets might flush several times even if no one has used them. If left unchecked, you will have skyrocketing water bills at the end of the month. 

It is paramount to fix an overflowing or running toilet early enough to avert water damage and hygiene problems. Consult an experienced plumber for a quick solution when you encounter any of the issues above. 

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