Although the small plumbing fixes, like a backed-up drain, may be no big deal for most homeowners, more serious plumbing problems must be taken far more seriously. In fact, it's important for homeowners to know how to respond to plumbing emergencies so that they can mitigate the damage while waiting for a plumber to arrive. If you're unfamiliar with addressing plumbing disasters, it's important for you to learn how to deal with a leaking pipe. Here's a look at what you need to know to patch plumbing disasters while you wait for a full repair.

Stop The Water Flow

The first thing you should do if you're dealing with a leaking pipe is to turn off the water flow. Locate the nearest water shutoff valve and close it to stop the flow of water through the pipes. That way, you can mitigate the amount of water damage that you're facing. The sooner you can shut the water off, the better. If you can't find the interior water shutoff valve, locate the main shutoff valve outside instead. It's usually positioned where your water line comes into your home.

Patch A Cracked Pipe 

If the problem at hand is a pipe that's cracked and leaking, you can patch the pipe temporarily while you wait for your local plumber to come and replace it. Depending on the type of pipe you're dealing with, you can use epoxy, pipe clamps, or a waterproof wrap to seal the pipe for a short-term fix. 

Seal A Pipe Joint

If you're dealing with a leak at a pipe joint, you'll want to use a rubber connector or a pipe sleeve to seal it temporarily. Remember that these things are only used for temporary purposes because they won't seal for a long-term need. You'll need to have a plumber replace the pipe joint to ensure that it's properly sealed for standard use.

Address A Cracked Sink Or Toilet

Most sinks and toilets are made from porcelain. If you have one that's made from this and it cracks, you'll have to react quickly to prevent water from damaging your floors and cabinets. Waterproof putty, epoxy, or silicone sealant can patch this damage long enough for you to replace it afterward.

Talk with a local plumber right away if you're dealing with any kind of plumbing emergency. While you wait for the plumber to arrive, these tips will help you to mitigate the problem and keep your home safe from excessive water damage.

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