Residential wells are often used in areas that municipal water systems don't reach, and although drilled wells are the most common these days, there are some other types of wells still in use. The type of water well you are using will often play a role in the water well pumps that will provide water from below ground and into your home. 

Submersible Well Pumps

The majority of pumps around today are submersible water well pumps placed near the bottom of the well and will push water up to the surface to fill a storage tank in the home. These pumps are often strong enough to push water up from depths as far as four or five hundred feet and more with a large enough motor. 

Once the water reaches the surface, it can be stored in a pressure tank, so the pump does not need to create water pressure in the house when a faucet is turned on. Submersible water well pumps are durable and often last more than ten years. However, each has a rating that you should note before deciding which one you want for your home. 

Above Ground Pumps

If you have a shallow well or an artesian well that is running over with water, you can often use a water well pump in the basement of your home or a small pump house nearby that draws the water into the house. The same storage tank systems are often used with these pumps, but the cost of the pump and the installation are typically easier to deal with. 

A failing pump on the surface is easier for a water well pump service to work on and test, and if you do need to replace it, the cost of the pump is often lower than a submersible pump that needs to be installed far underground, in the base of the well. Surface pumps are not always the easiest to deal with because they often require special care to keep warm in the winter, so if your pump is outside or installed in a pump house, you should take steps to ensure it does not freeze in the winter. 

Selecting The Right Pump

When looking at pump options, it is a good idea to discuss the possibilities with the company installing your well or pump system. Often the type of pump used can be contingent on the amount of water in the wall, the flow rate you require from the pump, and the depth of the water well. 

The pump installer or well driller can recommend a well water pump and let you know if you can use an above-ground pump or whether a submersible well pump is necessary for your residential water well.