When your drains start to back up, it's time to call a plumber. But how much is the plumbing bill going to be? What factors affect the cost of drain cleaning so that you can budget accordingly? Here are four things that could impact the price of drain cleaning:

 1. The Size of the Drain

A small drain can usually be cleared relatively easily and quickly, while a large drain may require hours of work. In addition, the location of the blockage can also affect the cost. Blockages that are located deep in the drain may be more difficult to reach, and this will inevitably drive up the price.

2. The Type of Blockage

A simple blockage caused by soap buildup or hair can usually be cleared relatively easily. However, more severe blockages caused by grease or tree roots will require more work to remove. This can increase the overall cost of the service.

3. How Accessible the Drain Is

If the drain is easy to get to and there are no obstacles in the way, the cost will likely be lower than if the drain is difficult to reach. Another factor that can affect the pricing is the severity of the clog. A mild clog may only require a simple plunging or augering to remove. More severe clogs may need to be snaked or jetted to break up the blockage. This can add to the cost of the service.

4. The Type of Drainage System You Have

A gravity drainage system, for example, relies on gravity to move water through the pipes and is typically less expensive to clean than a pressure drainage system, which uses pumps to push water through the pipes. The size and layout of your drainage system are also important considerations. A larger system with more complex piping will generally be more expensive to clean than a smaller, simpler system. The frequency with which you have your drains cleaned can also affect costs.

As observed above, the cost of drain cleaning can vary greatly depending on the factors discussed. By being aware of these factors, you can be better prepared to budget for this necessary service. All in all, the best way to ensure the health of your drains and avoid costly repairs is to have them regularly maintained, avoid going the DIY way, and always call a plumber for cleaning and any issues that you notice.

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