Most people rarely pay attention to their plumbing system unless the drains clog or overflow, flooding the house. However, since many plumbing issues start in or near the drains, it's a good idea to understand the signs that your drainage system needs cleaning. Fortunately, besides cleaning your drains, a residential plumbing expert can spot any issues affecting the concealed pipes and repair them for an effective system. The following are four signs that your drainage needs repair or cleaning:

Slow Drainage

If you notice that water drains slower than usual, foreign objects are likely clogging up the drains. For example, food scraps, chunks of hair, oils, and grease may have accumulated in the drains and pipes, creating clogs that slow your drainage. Over time, these clogs may form a blockage that restricts water from draining away, causing water back up. Since such waste backup may harbor bacteria and other toxins, it is crucial that a professional plumber cleans the drains for effective waste expulsion.

Bad Odors from Your Drains

If an awful smell emanates from your plumbing fixtures, waste could be trapped in your drains, creating a suitable breeding ground for bacteria. Moreover, if your P-trap is empty after the water evaporates, sewer gas wafts up the pipe, through the drain, and into your home. Besides that, you may also notice an off-putting smell from your drains during the hotter months if waste festers in the pipes without a vent pipe. Therefore, you should contact a plumber to flush your drains, refill your P-trap, and install vent pipes to dispel sewage smells effectively.

Unusual Noises

A toilet typically makes a sound when you flush it. However, if it starts making gurgling noises while it's not in use, you may be dealing with a damaged or clogged sewer line. Additionally, if your sink's vent is malfunctioning, you may notice a bubbling noise as air escapes the drains. Nonetheless, ensure that you hire an experienced plumber to fix your sink traps and plumbing vents, preventing water backup and flooding.

Critter Infestations

If you notice a sudden increase of pests or bugs coming from your plumbing lines, there could be a break in the sewer pipes. Moreover, food scraps in your sink may attract pesky fruit flies, which could infest your food. Fortunately, a plumbing expert effectively locates and seals the breaks in your pipes. Additionally, they clean the sink of food particles to avert a pest infestation.

It is important to take prompt action when you notice signs that your plumbing system is deteriorating. Contact a professional residential plumber such as ABC Drain & Plumbing to address your plumbing needs promptly and regularly service your plumbing system for effective and fast-draining pipes.