It is easy to overlook a septic tank's maintenance since it's underground and concealed. But remember that a septic system handles large amounts of waste over time that might fill it up if neglected. Consequently, sludge will overflow to the drain field, clogging pipes and causing water to back up in your drains. If you want to avoid backup catastrophes and water damage, hire a plumber regularly for septic pumping. They will empty your tank and ensure the plumbing system drains the wastewater efficiently. Below are factors that will influence how frequently you need to hire septic pumping services.

The Quantity of Wastewater

Usually, waste content from your home comes as gray water from washing and bathing, whereas kitchen sinks and toilets produce black water. These forms of wastewater add up to the tank's effluent, which gradually accumulates in large amounts. This prevents the bacteria from breaking down waste, filling the tank much faster. In addition, non-flushable items in wastewater will also affect the efficient treatment of waste, making the tank reach its capacity quickly. Thus, you will need to pump your septic tank more often if large amounts of wastewater drain into your system.

The Size of Your Household

The number of residents on your property determines the system's size. However, if your tank was designed to support a huge number of residents and only a few people reside on your premises, your tank won't fill quickly. Conversely, if your home has more occupants, exceeding your tank's capacity, you will need to empty it more regularly. In that regard, it is imperative to engage a plumber to accurately establish your household size and recommend a tank correlating to your demands.

The Volume of Solid Waste

A septic system allows effluent to flow to the ground while solid waste remains in the tank where bacteria disintegrate it. However, sludge may build up with time, reducing the bacteria's ability to function. As a result, waste will fill up to the brim and drain to the drain field. Thus, if your property generates a lot of solid waste, you will need to schedule septic pumping more.

The Cleaning Products You Use

Harsh chemicals used for cleaning and laundry will adversely impact the tank's health. Death of bacteria in the tank will occur when these substances enter the system, causing more waste buildup. Therefore, you will pump out your tank more frequently than if you use natural cleaners, which allow bacteria to thrive.

Septic tank pumping is necessary to keep things running smoothly on your premises. Thus, you should make an appointment with a plumbing expert to empty your septic tank to ensure it functions reliably for longer.

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