Do you have a septic tank that seems to be full and is causing problems? You may have noticed slow-moving drains in your home, gurgling coming from the drains, or even a sewage backup. If this is happening to your plumbing, you'll need to reach out to a septic tank pumping company to come and remove the sewage in the tank. Here is what you can expect to happen when professional help arrives.

Locating The Tank Access Port

The first step involves locating the septic tank. Since these tanks are typically buried underground, it may not be completely obvious at first where it is located. Some logic is used to determine where the septic tank could be, which starts with following the main sewer line out of the house. 

A probe will be inserted into the ground in the path of the sewer line. This probe is essentially a long piece of metal that should reach a septic tank. Sections of the ground will be probed until the septic tank has been located. The perimeter of the septic tank is then identified, which should help indicate where the front of the tank is located, which is where the sewer pipe connects to the tank. This is where the opening of the septic tank is likely to be found. 

Digging Up The Ground

The ground will then need to be dug up around the opening, which is best done using a spade. This will help preserve the grass so that it can be put back on the ground when finished. Keep in mind that septic tank pumping companies typically charge for locating septic tank access ports. This is an easy job that you can do on your own to save some money. 

Pumping The Tank

The septic tank pumping company will bring a large truck with a tank designed to contain the sewage. A hose will be inserted into the tank to remove as much of the solids as possible, and then take it all away offsite. While the septic tank is open, it's possible to have the septic tank inspected to see what kind of condition it is in. It's possible that they may identify problems with the tank itself, the drainfield, or components of the septic tank that can be seen. 

Do you think that your septic tank is ready to be pumped? Contact a company, such as Quik Plumbing & Construction, to help you out with this dirty job.