Summer is solidly in the rearview mirror, so the holiday season is coming up fast. Plenty of planning goes into big holiday events, but most people aren't spending much time thinking about their home's plumbing. Unfortunately, plumbing problems can easily turn a festive family get-together into something altogether less enjoyable.

While the best way to deal with these problems is to prevent them in the first place through good maintenance and timely repairs, it's easy to let a few things fall under the radar. This guide will go over three potential plumbing issues that can quickly ruin your holidays and how you can manage the problem until help arrives to prevent a total disaster.

1. Overflowing Toilets

Do you have a toilet in your home that runs slow or occasionally clogs? This situation often arises from issues in the drain line, such as mineral build-up or even a partial clog that plunging or snaking can't completely remove. Whatever the case, a toilet that drains slowly is a disaster waiting to happen, and additional guests and heavier usage might push it over the edge.

If a toilet overflows during holiday dinner, don't panic! First, quickly turn off the water supply to prevent the tank from filling more. You should also avoid using other water in the house, just in case the problem is in the sewer line. Finally, try clearing the blockage with a plunger or snake. If these methods don't work, it's best to call a plumber quickly to prevent more serious water damage.

2. Weak Garbage Disposals

Garbage disposals live a hard life. Even an appropriately-sized garbage disposal must deal with various kinds of food waste, all of which can stress the motor. Over time, this effort can wear the motor down, causing it to become slower and less efficient. You may notice the motor struggling, making strange sounds, or behaving oddly.

While a weak disposal might work fine for your daily cooking and cleaning, a big holiday gathering will push it to its limits. Unfortunately, a disposal that stops working at the worst possible moment will leave your kitchen sink clogged and unusable. If you don't have the skills to remove and clean the unit, you'll need to make an emergency call to get your sink running again in time for holiday dinner.

3. Overworked Water Heaters

Hot water is important at any time of the year, but it's especially crucial when guests stay for the holidays. Installers typically size water heaters for normal usage, which means your water heater might be undersized if you have a few extra people taking showers, washing dishes, and doing clothes. If your hot water suddenly gets cold, wait a little while and see if your tank can recover.

Unfortunately, overworking an old water heater (especially a poorly maintained one) can cause more severe problems. If giving your tank time to recover doesn't bring your hot water back, you may have pushed it over the edge. In these cases, it's usually time to get a plumber out to find and repair the problem.

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