Replacing the sewer line is often not as straightforward as many people suspect. The sewers are below ground, so changing them means you may have to dig up your yard. Notably, this is a task you should leave to an experienced professional as they know what suitable approaches to take. In addition, they consider various aspects before they can give you a final quote for your project. Here are some you should know:

The Accessibility of the Sewer Line

The ease of access to your property's sewer line significantly impacts the amount you'll pay for the replacement. Given that the sewer line is underground, the damaged sections might be obstructed by tree roots. In such cases, your sewer contractor will work with an arborist to remove the tree so that there's adequate clearance to work on the damaged pipe. Sometimes, they'll need to remove your fence or dig through the driveway, adding to the replacement cost.

The Severity of the Damage

There may be minor or extensive damage to the sewer line based on the underlying cause of the issue. For instance, if tree roots caused your pipe damage, then only a small section of the pipe may need to be changed, meaning you'll spend less on your replacement. However, if the line has extensive corrosion and damage in different sections, you may need to change the entire sewer line. Such damage requires much time and a larger workforce to address, increasing the replacement cost.

The Approach Technicians Use During the Replacement

The specialists' methods during the sewer line replacement will also affect your replacement cost. For instance, excavation is a commonly implemented sewer replacement method that involves digging your yard, removing the old piping, and then fitting a new system. If the professionals you've hired apply this strategy, they may set their rate based on the square footage of the excavated area. So, the larger the sewer line area, the higher the amount you'll likely pay. You may also opt for trenchless sewer replacement, which is less costly and requires little excavation.

Post-Replacement Cleanup

Much waste and debris are generally produced during the sewer replacement process. Such waste carries disease-causing micro-organisms, which can affect your household members' health. This is why the contractors you engage should also perform post-replacement cleanup, including fixing the fence, cleaning up your lawn, and restoring the driveway. All of these add to your replacement cost.

The aspects discussed in this guide impact the amount you pay for your sewer line replacement. For more information about sewer replacement services, call a local company.