After noticing that your kitchen sink has been draining slowly for a while, the day has finally come when it completely stopped draining. After attempting to free the blockage with a plunger, you may have decided to try using a do-it-yourself method to unclog the drain.

However, you should think carefully before you attempt to clear out the drain yourself. There are a couple of potential issues that could come up if you try to clean out the drain using such DIY methods like chemical drain cleaners or a drain snake.

1. Using Over-the-Counter Chemical Drain Cleaners Can Damage Pipes

Using a chemical drain cleaner seems simple enough. You just pour the contents of the bottle down the drain and let it work to eat away the clog.

However, the problem with over-the-counter solutions is that the chemicals could damage and corrode the pipes. These chemicals could also dissolve the pipe putty and/or cement in the pipe joints, causing them to leak water.

Along with potentially damaging the pipes, the cleaner will only dissolve part of the clog, leaving the material to grow and create a new blockage with time. Have a professional deal with the problem the first time instead of wasting time and money on chemicals that can damage the plumbing.

2. Attempting to Remove the Blockage with a Snake Could Impact the Clog

Since drain cleaners are out, you may decide that a drain snake will help you unclog the sink. The premise is that you feed the spiraling tip of the snake down the drain until it becomes entwined with the blockage so you can pull it out.

However, if you do not know the proper technique when using the snake, you may impact the blockage tighter. You could also push it further down the drain, making it harder to reach. Call in a plumber instead of taking a chance on making the clog worse.

When your kitchen sink's drain is backed up, using DIY methods to clear it out could cause more damage. Chemicals can damage pipes, and even if they get the drain flowing, they often do not completely clear out the blockage. And if you do not know how to properly use a snake, you could push the blockage further down the pipe while impacting the clog. Instead of attempting to get rid of the blockage yourself, set up an appointment with a plumber who offers drain cleaning services.