When you have an HVAC contractor come out to make repairs to your system, they usually focus on the heater and air conditioner. However, the ducts are also an important part of your HVAC system. They carry the heated or cooled air out into your rooms, and they need to be in decent shape in order to do this job. So, what are some of the key signs you need to have an HVAC contractor work on your ducts? Take a look.

Little Airflow to Some Vents

Are you getting plenty of heated or air-conditioned air at some of the vents in your home, but not at others? Maybe, for example, there's barely any air coming out in the bedrooms, but lots in the kitchen and living room. This can happen when there is a blockage in one of the ducts, and also if one of the duct connections fails, leading to air leaks and a lack of continuity. Both of these problems are highly fixable once an HVAC contractor locates them. A blockage can be removed, and dislodged ducts can be put back together.

Increasing Energy Bills

There are many reasons why energy bills may increase suddenly. Your furnace may have a broken part, or your insulation may have become wet and compacted. If you have ruled out these most likely contenders, then the solution may be to have your ducts looked at. An HVAC contractor can send a camera down into the ducts to see whether there is, indeed, a problem. 

Noisy Heating and Cooling

When the heat or air conditioning kicks on, what do you hear? You might hear a banging noise, or you might hear a pinging or clanging. Often, these sounds mean that something is rattling around in or around your ducts. There may be a loose duct that is pinging against another piece of ductwork. Or, there might be a piece of metal that has broken off inside of the duct and is getting tossed around by the blowing air. You deserve to have quiet airflow, and having repairs made to your ducts will allow you to have that.

Ducts are pretty long-lasting, and they don't usually need a ton of work throughout their lifetime of service. However, they can sometimes develop little issues that need to be addressed. Be in contact with your HVAC team if you think your own ducts may need work. Let the signs above be your guide.

For more information on HVAC repairs, contact a professional near you.