Some hot water heaters can be repaired. However, if you have hot water all over the floor, you might need a new hot water heater installation. However, before you have your hot water heater installed, you'll want to make sure that your home has no issues that could lead to problems with your new hot water heater such as high water pressure.

Beware of High Water Pressure

The water pressure of your home will affect all appliances that use water including your hot water heater. Therefore, you will need to make sure that the water pressure is strong enough to where water can be supplied to your entire home while not being so strong that your appliances become damaged. You will want to install a pressure-reducing valve and an in-line pressure gauge to keep track of your water pressure.

Consider Installing an Expansion Tank

Another way to protect your hot water heater from very high water pressure is to install a water heater expansion tank. This tank is meant to minimize the pressure that can build up for your hot water heater and cause it to leak and become damaged.

If you're concerned about protecting your hot water heater from high water pressure, it's important to have your hot water heater installed by a professional who will make sure that your hot water heater is protected from high water pressure and will also last a very long time. 

For example, the water heater expansion tank will need to be installed correctly to make sure that it functions properly. It needs to be sized correctly and is usually smaller than the actual hot water heater.

Make Sure Your New Hot Water Tank is Big Enough

The purpose of a water heater tank is to store water that will then be heated until you use one of your water faucets. You will want to consider how much hot water your family uses because the amount of hot water that will be stored in the tank will affect how much hot water your family will have. However, storing an excessive amount of hot water will only waste energy and the larger tank will cost more money.

You might want to upgrade your hot water heater to make sure that it is able to store enough water, but make sure that your hot water heater has enough space to fit. Keeping a hot water heater in a confined space can be dangerous. For more information on hot water tank installations, contact a professional near you.