A thermostat displays the current temperature and allows you to adjust it to the desired level. In addition, your AC follows suit by cooling the air until it attains the set temperatures. However, if the thermostat malfunctions, it can hinder the performance of your system. Additionally, your thermostat may go blank, rendering the unit inoperable. When this happens, you may have an uncomfortable indoor space, and it is best to call an AC service technician as soon as possible. They will assess your thermostat and fix the malfunction to restore cooling. Below are the reasons your device is blank. 

The Thermostat Is Off

If you accidentally turn off the thermostat, it will go blank. On the other hand, you may find low display brightness on your thermostat, and eventually, it will go off. In such a case, it could be that the batteries powering the thermostat are dead, hence a blank display. Therefore, change the batteries and see if the device will restore the display function. If this doesn't help, an AC service expert must clean the thermostat's terminals and check if the wiring works as intended.

Tripped Circuit Breaker

When your cooling unit experiences a power surge or short circuit, it may trigger the circuit breaker. Subsequently, a tripped circuit breaker cuts power to the system, rendering it inoperable. Ultimately, a power disconnect to the system will make the thermostat go blank. In such a case, call an AC contractor to rectify the electrical malfunction for proper current flow to the thermostat. In addition, they will install a whole-house surge protector to prevent voltage spikes.

Tripped Float Switch

The AC cools and dehumidifies the air in your home. To achieve this, the evaporator coil facilitates heat exchange between the refrigerant and warm air. In addition, the system cools the air while moisture drips on the drip pan. Then, once the drip pan is full, the system empties the water into your drainage system through a condensate line. However, if dirt and debris accumulate on the drain line, it will cause a water backup. This results in water rising to the brink on the drip pan, triggering the float switch. As such, the system will switch off, making the thermostat blank.

Old Thermostat

Even though a thermostat has a long lifespan, it will not last forever. Like other devices, the thermostat will wear down over time, reducing its operational efficiency. Moreover, once your thermostat approaches the end of its service life, it will begin to malfunction with a dim display. Eventually, the thermostat will go blank and hinder the system's operation. Therefore, you should replace an old thermostat for accurate temperature detection.

Note that a blank thermostat will restrict effective indoor climate control. Hence, you should keep up with regular maintenance to ensure proper device function. Moreover, an AC service expert will ensure your unit works as required to avoid a malfunctioning thermostat.

Reach out to an air conditioning services contractor to learn more.