A septic system will require a well-functioning drainfield to work great year after year. Eventually, you may have significant problems with this field and thus need to perform a restoration. If you're at this point, here are some important measures to take.

Verify a Restoration Is Warranted

To ensure that a restoration is worth your time and money, it helps to have the area looked at by a professional septic system contractor. They can see what's wrong with the drainfield and then give you a verdict. If they recommend a restoration, you can go ahead and plan this process.

If you only need to perform some minor repairs, the contractor will let you know about this too. Either way, you'll have clear answers on the condition of your drainfield and how to manage it from here on out. 

Check the Biological Makeup of Drainfield 

If a restoration is in order, then one of the first things to check is the biological makeup of your drainfield. It may not be optimal and is thus the reason why contaminants aren't being treated effectively by this field after they come from the tank. 

You can use a DIY kit to test out the biological makeup of the drainfield, or you can hire a professional contractor. If the results come back positive for an imbalance issue, you need to add healthy bacteria to the drainfield as soon as you can. Then contaminants can be broken down effectively again.

Hire a Professional If a Full Drainfield Replacement Is Necessary 

Sometimes, drainfields are in such bad shape that they have to be replaced entirely. This is usually a last-resort type of situation. If you're currently at this point, make sure you hire a septic system company. They can help with a lot of things throughout this replacement.

For instance, they can figure out how big the new drainfield needs to be and where pipes need to go around it. They can also make sure this replacement stays in line with relevant codes so that you don't get into any type of trouble with regulatory agencies.

If you have a drainfield that's no longer working great, you need to do something fast because it may already be starting to smell around your property. A drainfield restoration may be needed. As long as you handle it patiently, you'll be able to do impactful things that save you from future issues.