Valve actuators are responsible for opening and closing valves, which is essential to operations for many industrial plants. If you're about to purchase one for your operations, try to find a model that has the following features.

Automated Design 

If you have a system that requires you to open and close valves regularly, then find a valve actuator with an automated design. In that case, make sure it has remote control capabilities that are compatible with your software. 

Using corresponding software, you can customize when the actuator opens and closes valves based on what makes sense for your operations. The valve actuator will continue to work on the same schedule until you decide to make adjustments. 

Withstand Harsh Environments 

Industrial environments tend to be dirty and expose parts to harsh conditions. For that reason, look for a valve actuator that has some sort of weatherproof shell. You then won't be worried about pivotal internal components breaking down on a regular basis. 

You have access to many materials, but any type of steel with protective coatings is ideal from a durability standpoint. If the actuator gets wet or collects dirt over time, it will still last and run perfectly for years. 

Motor With Thermal Protection 

For a valve actuator to work, it relies on a motor. You have many motor options to choose from, but if you want to make a quality investment, find one with built-in thermal protection. 

Even if the motor runs continuously for a long time, sensors will monitor temperature ranges and shut the actuator down if they detect overheating. As a result, you won't have to deal with costly repairs and part replacements. 

Optimal Gear Lubrication 

Gears are another pivotal component of a valve actuator. Since they constantly move when valves open and close, optimal lubrication is paramount. If you don't dial in lubrication, you'll more than likely suffer from friction and overheating issues.

Fortunately, a lot of valve actuators come equipped with automatic lubrication systems. That means you never have to deal with lubrication yourself. The system will apply the correct amount of lubrication on gears at the perfect intervals.

You have access to many valve actuators today, which can vary in materials, energy output, and designs. As long as you seek out features that give you added durability, safety, and reliability, you can enjoy optimal performance from your actuator for years and worry less about costly repairs and part replacements. 

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