How clean is your tap water? An awful taste and limescale on your plumbing are some signs that your water contains more minerals than expected. Publicly provided tap water is treated for the bare minimum to kill disease-causing contaminants. The minerals give it a strange taste and resistance to developing soap foam. Well water also has these problems. Filtering water makes it more palatable and usable by reducing the minerals and contaminants in it. How do you know you need water filtration?

Your Plumbing Is Pre-1986

Using lead piping was banned in 1986 because of the link between lead and serious health complications such as brain stunting in children below six. Lead poisoning does not happen instantaneously but builds up in the organs over the years. Fortunately, modern water filters can eliminate lead from water. If your house predates 1986, ask a plumber to assess the piping for lead and install water filtration systems.

You Use Well Water 

Underground water tastes funny to many people because of the high presence of minerals in it. Pesticides, cleaning chemicals, and other contaminants have been increasingly infiltrating underground water. Heavy metals like zinc and lead are being found in well water. 

Reverse osmosis water filtration is effective in eliminating contaminants in well water, including heavy metals. It makes the water safe for drinking and more friendly for domestic uses such as laundry.

The Laundry Doesn't Look Right 

Do the whites in your laundry look dull even after laundry? It is the high mineral content in the water leaving deposits on the fabric. High iron content makes your clothes take a brownish hue as the fine iron particles corrode and form rust.

Hard water will also give you a hard time doing laundry or other cleaning chores because it doesn't develop soap foam well. You will find it harder to scrub surfaces and wash fabrics for longer to get them clean.

The Water Tastes Strange 

You might not notice the strange taste of hard water if you use it for a long time, but your guests will. Many of them will ask whether you are using well water. A strange taste in the water is the most obvious sign that your water needs filtration. 

Municipal tap water also often contains high doses of chlorine, which is the preferred disinfectant. It is harmless but gives water a strange taste. If you don't like the taste of your water, install a water filtration system.

Would you like access to better-tasting and safer water? Talk to a plumber about water filtration systems for your home.