Sewer jetting is a plumbing service that clears clogs out of sewer pipes with a jet of water. This service can be done on residential, commercial, and municipal pipes of various sizes. If you own a commercial building that gets a lot of customers or visitors each day, sewer jetting could be the most convenient and effective form of sewer line cleaning.

When you own a commercial building with several restrooms, you may even want sewer jetting done as a preventative measure to keep clogs from forming. Here's how it works.

Truck-Mounted Equipment Is Often Used

A sewer jetting system consists of a long hose on a reel, nozzles, and pressurized water. The water pressurizing equipment is inside a truck that's parked near your building. All that's needed to clean the line is the hose on the reel and nozzles. The line is connected to pressurized water in the truck.

Safety Precautions Are Needed

The water that shoots out of the hose of a sewer jet is so strong that it is dangerous. The plumber will probably wear protective gear, and bystanders need to stay far away. When handled by an experienced plumber, a sewer jet is safe and won't harm your plumbing pipes. It's possible the plumber will need to verify the pipe is in good shape first by doing a camera inspection.

The Right Nozzle Is Important

Water shoots out of a sewer jet nozzle in a number of places. The jets are arranged in different ways depending on whether the plumber is trying to bust through a tough clog or trying to clean off the sides of the pipe. They can choose a nozzle that shoots a strong stream of water out of the front for a clog or one that shoots out the sides to clean the pipe.

No matter which one is chosen, the sewer jet can both clean the pipe and bust up a clog since water shoots out the back of the nozzle to wash the pipe, propel the hose, and flush debris through the pipe. When finished, the clog is washed away and grease, biofilm, hair, and mineral scale are cleaned from the sides of the pipe.

The Plumber May Not Need To Work Inside

The plumber might conduct the inspection inside your building, but a water jet is usually sent through an access port in the sewer drain outside. This makes cleaning the sewer line less disruptive than trying to work through an indoor drain. The plumber assesses the situation and does the right thing for the job keeping your customers and employees in mind.

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